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Details for Seeker 5 GPS Locator
NameSeeker 5 GPS Locator
DescriptionUntil now, personal vehicle tracking has been an expensive service, within the means of only asmall percentage of people. The Seeker locator changes all that, as the world’s first trulyaffordable and highly reliable mobile tracking device. The Seeker locator can operate for up to 90 days on a set of four AA batteries during normal usewith good GPS visibility. Easy to access batteries provide simple and low-cost maintenance. Thedevice can be connected to external power by using the optional vehicle adapter module. The Seeker locator’s capabilities can do on-demand locating and scheduled reporting. These newfeatures can be used in combination with other Seeker capabilities to satisfy the requirements ofvirtually any vehicle track and trace.
FilenameSeeker 5 GPS Mar 16th doc.pdf
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