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Details for VISTA-128BP/VISTA-250BP/ VISTA-128SIA Enhanced User Guide
NameVISTA-128BP/VISTA-250BP/ VISTA-128SIA Enhanced User Guide
DescriptionYour Honeywell security system consists of a main control panel, at least one keypad, and various sensors strategically positioned throughout the premises. The system offers you three forms of protection: burglary, fire andemergency. The keypad provides full control of system operation. The system uses microcomputer technology to monitor all protection zones and system status and provides appropriate information for display on the keypad(s) used with the system, and initiates appropriate alarms. Yoursystem may also have been programmed to automatically transmit alarm or status messages over the phone lines to a central alarm monitoring station. This manual is designed to help you become comfortable operating your system. Each function is explained in step-by-step detail. We recommend you read the SYSTEM OVERVIEW section to become familiar with the terminology and the basic features of the system. NOTE: If you have a Symphony (Advanced User Interface) connected to your system, refer to the Symphony User Guide for operating instructions. NOTE: All references in this manual for number of zones, number of user codes, number of access cards, and the event log capacity, use the VISTA-250BP’s features. The following table lists the differences between the VISTA-128BP/128SIA and the VISTA-250BP control panels. Additionally, only the VISTA-128BP/128SIA supports thecapability to have a device duplicate keypad sounds at a remote location. All other features are identical for both panels.
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